Rusty Rowley (doubleare) wrote,
Rusty Rowley

So behind on posting...

Well, I may as well remind everyone that I'm still alive.

Things have been busy over here. We've done a number of comic and art shows over the summer. SPX was amazing and our most successful yet (in terms of books moved, money made and partying had).

Joe and I have started making videos in our travels across the small part of the East Coast that we actually travel across. You can see those here:

We were also interviewed by a few folks at SPX. You can find those interviews here:

Audio interview for podcast. We appear at 29:30 and at one point call ourselves hood rats:

Video interview from Rafer Roberts. He also talks to Matt Dembicki's adorable son Adam about his minicomic.

Video interview with Shawn Martin. We appear at 2:48:

Right now we've got a few shows coming up in DC, VA and NC. Punk Rock Flea Market, Richmond Zine Fest, Counter Culture Festival and North Carolina Comicon.

I'm also getting all kinds of hyped for Katsucon like 4 months in advance because x0216 is coming up from South Carolina. Looking around for the best hotel deal we can get now and also working on plans to go see her in SC. Super duper exciting. :-)

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