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Just over a month since my last update and a new one already?

Things have been busy here. Since I last updated I traveled over 1200 miles during the week between Xmas and New Years. Work was crazy during the holiday rush. Other local outings and such have taken up my time in a good way.

Mom came to visit the week leading up to Christmas. We had a blast here around town and then I went back to PA with her on Christmas Eve. Got to spend the night at Trav and Kyra's and hang out with them, see Kyra's family, etc. It was a lot of fun. I've got pics from that week here:

I came home the Monday night after Christmas and was back on the rails by Thursday night. This time I was heading to SC to spend New Years weekend with Zelly. We were both nervous and excited and total dorks because it was our first time together in person. Any nervousness didn't last long though and we had an incredible weekend to just get to know each other better and enjoy the company. It was hard to leave after those four days, but I knew it wouldn't be for long. As soon as I could I'd either be back down there or have her up here. Sure enough, a week after I was back we were already making plans for her to come up to DC. She'll be here in 3 weeks and get to spend 5 days, which will be wonderful. We'll have time to ourselves and she'll also get to meet some of my friends. I am totally in love with this girl and cannot wait to introduce her to the various aspects of my life here. I also have pics from New Years weekend up here:

Like I said, since then there have just been a variety of outings and fun times around town. We saw some great comic art at the PartyCrashers exhibit in Arlington:

A panel discussion with some friends on the DC comics scene:

And now...I'm just counting down the days til my girl is here on the 18th. So exciting!

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He lives!

So, I guess today is as good as any for my semi-annual update on LJ. I'm terrible about updating, as anyone reading this knows. But I've got some good things to catch up on.

We made it through con season doing a lot of shows. SPX, Richmond Zinefest, Punk Rock Flea Market, etc. We made a lot of new friends and sold a ton of books. We've got some video up that Joe has beautifully edited here:

You should totally subscribe, plz and thx.

And I've been posting pics on Facebook, so go check those out:

And the most significant update I have is about a very special young lady. Her name is Zelly. We've been friends for a while and she's great. Well, a couple months back something just...clicked. And then suddenly we were chatting online more. And more. And then while I was sitting here thinking "Damn, I realllllllly like this girl" I get a text saying "...I figured I should tell you I seem to have developed a crush on you." And for a second I just stood there with a stupid grin on my face, then I replied "Well you saved me the trouble of finding the right moment to say the same thing.". She totally manned up and beat me to the punch. Then a few days later I called her and we were on the phone for like 3 hours. Then I talked to her the next night. And the next. And the next.

A month later and we haven't missed a single night. And I am totally in love with this girl. And she is likewise. And we're absolute dorks about it.

I'm currently counting down the days til New Year's when I'm going down to stay with her in South Carolina. I can't even put words to how excited I am.

So yeah, life has been good. I am extremely happy. All is well with the world.

And now to make up for not updating, at least in pure wordcount, here is a meme thing of 100 dumb questions.

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Carla Cohen, 1936-2010

I just learned that Carla Cohen passed away this morning.

Carla and her friend Barbara Meade founded the Politics and Prose bookstore in DC 26 years ago and have run it ever since. Even as other chains and shops have come and gone, P&P held strong as a literary force in the Washington area to this day.

She will be missed, but her legacy will live on.
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So behind on posting...

Well, I may as well remind everyone that I'm still alive.

Things have been busy over here. We've done a number of comic and art shows over the summer. SPX was amazing and our most successful yet (in terms of books moved, money made and partying had).

Joe and I have started making videos in our travels across the small part of the East Coast that we actually travel across. You can see those here:

We were also interviewed by a few folks at SPX. You can find those interviews here:

Audio interview for podcast. We appear at 29:30 and at one point call ourselves hood rats:

Video interview from Rafer Roberts. He also talks to Matt Dembicki's adorable son Adam about his minicomic.

Video interview with Shawn Martin. We appear at 2:48:

Right now we've got a few shows coming up in DC, VA and NC. Punk Rock Flea Market, Richmond Zine Fest, Counter Culture Festival and North Carolina Comicon.

I'm also getting all kinds of hyped for Katsucon like 4 months in advance because x0216 is coming up from South Carolina. Looking around for the best hotel deal we can get now and also working on plans to go see her in SC. Super duper exciting. :-)

RIP, Satoshi Kon

"With feelings of gratitude for all that is good in this world, I put down my pen."

These were among Satoshi Kon's last words, published on his blog in a farewell message after he passed away yesterday morning. He was 46 years old and died of pancreatic cancer that had just been diagnosed on May 18th.

3 months.

Now mind you, there were signs. There were aches and pains that he sadly misdiagnosed and treated as muscle issues. Had he taken a different route things may have ended up different, but not necessarily. My uncle died as a result of pancreatic cancer 6 years ago. He was in great shape, had regular physicals and even an annual full-body MRI to check for problems. But cancer in the pancreas can be very hard to identify and very easy to miss. By the time larger signs become evident the cancer has spread to other areas. He was told he'd have less than 6 months. It ended up being 7 weeks.

It's scary just how fragile a thing the human body is. How we're always one step away from being gone forever. In the end we're left only as memories and stories to the people we touched in our time on this Earth.

Satoshi Kon was an incredible director and brought brilliant art to the world. Though he's gone, his work and his memory will live on.
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Your Semi-annual Doubleare LJ update.

Things have been busy.

We've taken a very aggressive approach to doing shows this year and branching out into art markets and outdoor venues. At one point in the last month we did 4 shows in 4 weekends, then a skip weekend, then another show. I honestly got a little burned out. I'm looking forward to getting more actual art done soon instead of feeling like I'm just constantly prepping for the next show.

Probably the best thing to happen in recent memory was the Exit Clov / Bellflur show. The bands were planning a "secret" warehouse show just for fans. No admission, BYOB, fun times. They set it up at the Bellflur warehouse in Rockville, a spot that Bellflur's member Tom has converted into what can only be described as a boyhood dream come true. It's an apartment with kitchen/living room/bedroom/etc. But it also opens out into a huge area with a full-size halfpipe for skating, a projector to play the Wii 20 feet wide on the one wall, and a full performance area complete with a balcony that overlooks it. The bands were looking for other fun ideas to add, so Joe and I offered to come do "Adventure Portraits" for folks. These are basically sketches we've been doing at shows where we draw people into an adventure of some kind. I got an email back from Susan of Exit Clov and she thought it was a great idea.

And that is how we ended up set up on an old flat topped organ, drawing pictures for people while live bands rocked out in the background (including one of my favorite bands ever). It was honestly one of the coolest things I have ever done.

Coming up we've got a show in Philly in August, possibly a contribution to an anthology, SPX in September and whatever else comes in between.

It's turning out to be quite the summer.

P.S. We got business cards. Because we mean business.

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(no subject)

This past Saturday I hung out with my friend Stacy around DC and VA. We both are involved in a "Creative Pay It Forward" art exchange meme. You post on FB and offer to make handmade things for the first 5 people that comment, then they are required to post the same offer and so on. So Stacy has been hard at work and already had my gift ready. It turned out to be a handmade plush Domo! So freakin' cute. She even sewed my name on the back. Pics
here and here.

We met up downtown where she was gettin' her hair did (which turned out very awesome) and then went to lunch in Ballston at this great sushi place called "Matsutake Sushi". They have a sushi lunch buffet weekdays and Saturdays for like 14 bucks. I must have eaten a good $50 worth of sushi off that damn buffet and it was soooo good. I'll sure as hell be going back there soon.

After lunch she had a 3 hour shift of "Gallery Sitting" at the Del Ray Artisans Gallery of which she's a member. So I went down to hang out and keep her company for the time and also took a walk around in Del Ray. I stopped in "A Show of Hands" (where she, Jen and Jessica all have items for sale) and also the crazy ass comic store/exotic plant store. That place looks like a comic collector's basement blew up in 1987, but I found some cool stuff amidst the chaos. I also got to shoot DRA's current exhibit "What's Your Bag?" which both Stacy and Jen have pieces in. Pics from that here.

Later we met up with Jen, Jeff and the Stacy B for dinner in Old Town at a place called Overwood then over to Bilbo Baggins for drinks and conversation. I had never been to either place and liked both enough to go again. Stacy also gave Jen her gift which was a handmade Hello Kitty plush. Super cute. After that it was back to Jen's to watch "Avatar". All in all a super long and awesome day.
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Breadathon 2010!

This past Sunday was Breadathon 2010. This was an event where I was to try and eat 4 lbs of bread in one sitting.

Three things happened:

- I succeeded!

- I inspired a generation of future bread eaters.

- I threw up.

Pics are up here.

And there's video of me barfing here.

More dramatic video to come as soon as Joe finishes editing it.
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Cherry Blossoms

Saturday I went downtown with Doris to check out the Cherry Blossoms and take a walk around town. We walked from the Mall down to the Tidal Basin, then all the way up the waterfront to Georgetown. It was exhausting and a ton of fun.

More pics are up here.
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