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Envy is never in fashion, Mr. losercomics. [entries|friends|calendar]
Rusty Rowley

And I hope my words will get through
Cause now I can't forget you
I wanna tell you
If only I could reach you
And make you feel this way

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Just over a month since my last update and a new one already? [
January 25th
Tuesday 2:22pm
[ mood | Excited. ]

Things have been busy here. Since I last updated I traveled over 1200 miles during the week between Xmas and New Years. Work was crazy during the holiday rush. Other local outings and such have taken up my time in a good way.

Mom came to visit the week leading up to Christmas. We had a blast here around town and then I went back to PA with her on Christmas Eve. Got to spend the night at Trav and Kyra's and hang out with them, see Kyra's family, etc. It was a lot of fun. I've got pics from that week here:

I came home the Monday night after Christmas and was back on the rails by Thursday night. This time I was heading to SC to spend New Years weekend with Zelly. We were both nervous and excited and total dorks because it was our first time together in person. Any nervousness didn't last long though and we had an incredible weekend to just get to know each other better and enjoy the company. It was hard to leave after those four days, but I knew it wouldn't be for long. As soon as I could I'd either be back down there or have her up here. Sure enough, a week after I was back we were already making plans for her to come up to DC. She'll be here in 3 weeks and get to spend 5 days, which will be wonderful. We'll have time to ourselves and she'll also get to meet some of my friends. I am totally in love with this girl and cannot wait to introduce her to the various aspects of my life here. I also have pics from New Years weekend up here:

Like I said, since then there have just been a variety of outings and fun times around town. We saw some great comic art at the PartyCrashers exhibit in Arlington:

A panel discussion with some friends on the DC comics scene:

And now...I'm just counting down the days til my girl is here on the 18th. So exciting!

11|I think you lost yourself too...

He lives! [
December 6th
Monday 12:48pm
[ mood | Heehee ]

So, I guess today is as good as any for my semi-annual update on LJ. I'm terrible about updating, as anyone reading this knows. But I've got some good things to catch up on.

We made it through con season doing a lot of shows. SPX, Richmond Zinefest, Punk Rock Flea Market, etc. We made a lot of new friends and sold a ton of books. We've got some video up that Joe has beautifully edited here:


You should totally subscribe, plz and thx.

And I've been posting pics on Facebook, so go check those out:


And the most significant update I have is about a very special young lady. Her name is Zelly. We've been friends for a while and she's great. Well, a couple months back something just...clicked. And then suddenly we were chatting online more. And more. And then while I was sitting here thinking "Damn, I realllllllly like this girl" I get a text saying "...I figured I should tell you I seem to have developed a crush on you." And for a second I just stood there with a stupid grin on my face, then I replied "Well you saved me the trouble of finding the right moment to say the same thing.". She totally manned up and beat me to the punch. Then a few days later I called her and we were on the phone for like 3 hours. Then I talked to her the next night. And the next. And the next.

A month later and we haven't missed a single night. And I am totally in love with this girl. And she is likewise. And we're absolute dorks about it.

I'm currently counting down the days til New Year's when I'm going down to stay with her in South Carolina. I can't even put words to how excited I am.

So yeah, life has been good. I am extremely happy. All is well with the world.

And now to make up for not updating, at least in pure wordcount, here is a meme thing of 100 dumb questions.

Let the nonsense begin.Collapse )

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